Who are we?

Welcome to UK Homes Network, a platform tailored for property industry professionals. Founded by brothers Chris & David Tremlett, we offer a straightforward approach to networking and collaboration.

Originating from the West Midlands, our journey started in estate agency and marketing. UK Homes Network emerged as a practical platform to cater to the specific needs of property professionals.

Chris Tremlett, Co-Founder of UK Homes Network

With over 12 years of experience in this sector, Chris began his career in agency, specialising in property appraisals and devising acquisition strategies for developers and investors. This early tenure provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities encountered by property professionals nationwide.

Transitioning into the realm of PropTech, Chris pioneered a community-based platform catering to users of a prominent land sourcing tool, ultimately amassing a network of 2500 members. However, driven by a desire to enhance industry-wide services, he embarked on a new venture with his brother, founding UK Homes Network—the UK’s first property networking platform.

Motivated by the recognition that the industry is teeming with untapped talent, inundated with regulatory changes, Chris and David crafted UK Homes Network as a viable alternative to traditional social media platforms.


David Tremlett, Co-Founder of UK Homes Network

David has amassed over 10 years of experience within the property industry, with most of this time spent leading customer experience teams for residential sales. This created a belief that driving innovation & problem-solving within property can be achieved by sharing the vast experience of the professionals within the industry & providing a platform for cooperation. 

David is steadfast in his commitment to establish UK Homes Network as the platform for property professionals, fostering meaningful connections and tackling industry challenges.

Recognising the pivotal role of connectivity, he is dedicated to building an environment where professionals can come together to exchange insights, forge partnerships, and spearhead transformative initiatives.

David Currently oversees all operations at UK Homes Network and drives much of the innovation with the platform.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Industry Expertise: Built on years of hands-on experience, we grasp the intricate nuances of the property market.

  • Community-Driven: UK Homes Network transcends a mere forum; it’s a vibrant community where professionals converge to share knowledge, forge collaborations, and celebrate successes.

  • Innovation in Focus: Enthusiasts of property development and investment, we consistently infuse innovation into every aspect of our platform, ensuring it evolves with the industry landscape.

Our Vision:

We aspire to be the preferred property networking platform for property professionals seeking connections, insights, and growth. UK Homes Network aims to catalyse positive change in the property industry.

Join us in uniting the property industry, elevating our collective voice to effect meaningful change with policymakers.

Bid farewell to the distractions of social media cash cows. Let’s forge a space where success is openly shared, collective power is embraced, all free from the interference of algorithms or spammy sales tactics.

What You'll Discover:

  • Property Networking: Connect with peers, expand your network, and explore opportunities in a space crafted for property experts.
  • Specialised Groups: Engage in focused discussions within groups like ‘Land Match’ and ‘House Match,’ tailored to your specific interests.
  • Business Spotlight: Explore the perfect platform for businesses and groups to showcase their content, courses, and events.

Join Our Network:

Whether you’re an industry veteran or a rising star, UK Homes Network invites you to a platform designed for property networking. Connect, explore, and become a part of a community actively shaping the future of property networking.

Simply go to your app store of choice and download the UK Homes Network application. It’s that straight forward! If you would like to upgrade your membership to Influencer or an Industry Licence, you can message one of the team.