Monthly Update for March 2024


UK Homes Network is a mere 6-weeks old and we wanted to keep you included in the journey of our start-up. From a cold start in January to now, we’ve seen our membership grow to well over 115 members. Our new webinar series has launched and we’ve built some exciting new partnerships. Growth is always difficult at the start but based on the current response it’s clear we’re here to stay! UK Homes Network is the hub for connecting with industry peers, accessing valuable insights, and exploring new opportunities. Our platform provides a space to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the property industry. We eliminate algorithmic interference and the intrusion of spam messages, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.

We aspire to be the preferred hub for property professionals seeking connections, insights, and growth. UK Homes Network aims to catalyse positive change in the property industry. Join us in uniting the property industry, elevating our collective voice to effect meaningful change with policymakers.

Chris' Section

I’ve been truly overwhelmed by the incredible support and active participation in our network. It’s natural to have doubts before launching any business, but at every turn, I’ve been reassured by messages reminding me of the frustration property professionals feel with the current state of social media. The constant influx of irrelevant, cringe-worthy content and platforms failing to give exposure to those genuinely seeking help or professional advice is disheartening. Despite the relentless push for personal branding, social media companies seem to neglect the authentic needs of their users.

For instance, just two weeks ago, a networking host contacted me with two free tickets to their evening event. It was short notice, but surely someone in my local network would seize the opportunity for free admission, usually priced at £20. I decided to put social media to the test and assist the host in promoting these tickets. Shockingly, out of my nearly 5000 connections, only 48 people saw the post. Statistically improbable, right? It’s clear that the social media algorithm arbitrarily deemed my post unimportant, failing to reach the vast majority of my network.

Effective communication is paramount in our industry, especially considering the intricacies of property transactions. That’s why, with the launch of UK Homes Network, we’ve prioritised the principle that every post matters, particularly if it promotes the property industry. AI and algorithms simply can’t grasp the true value of a social media post without supernatural abilities.

Despite these challenges, I’m immensely proud of what UK Homes Network has achieved in its infancy. Despite the limitations of social media, I managed to secure a plus-one for the event through the UKHN app. Already, our network has facilitated numerous valuable connections and shared deals. We stand as the alternative to mainstream social media for the UK Property Industry, and we’re just getting started.


In this section of our newsletter we will be giving regular updates to the kind of deals you can find in House Match and Land Match.

Land Match is a feature within the UK Homes Network platform designed to facilitate connections and collaborations between land agents and property developers.

House match is a space where landlords can off-load parts of their portfolio, agents can share properties right for investment or investors can share their specific requirements for new deals.

House Match – Deal of the Month:

One of our members posted an exciting opportunity for any investor up in the North East:

“8 buy-to-let properties in Grimsby and would like to sell them as a whole portfolio. (6 tenanted, 2 empty)”

Land Match – Deal of the Month

A new member came flying out of the traps with a number of land opportunities in the South East:

“We have a number of off market direct to vendor opportunities resi/co living/commercial with and without planning ranging from 9 units right up to 900units all in the south east.”


A big THANK YOU to everyone who joined last Thursday’s webinar!

A big shout-out to Andy Meade who gave a fantastic insight into his business and shared some incredible shots of his recent projects. If you would like to watch it back or if you missed it, click the link below to watch on YouTube now.

Our next Webinar – Breaking Ground: Insights into Demolition

Join us on 28th March at 2pm for a webinar and a live Q&A on demolition.

In this session Chris is joined by Mark Jack, Director of Beecroft Demolition. Together they will dive into the art of demolition and prepare a site for development.

There will be a chance to put your questions to Mark and find out what he prefers, dynamite or the wrecking ball? To register, click here

New Members Get Their First Month Free

At UK Homes Network, we’re passionate about creating connections and opportunities that empower property professionals like you. As a token of our commitment to your success, we are thrilled to offer you an exclusive, complimentary first month FREE of our network.

This no-strings-attached trial gives you full access to everything UK Homes Network has to offer, including:

  • Premium networking events with top professionals in the property industry.
  • Access to exclusive land opportunities and property insights.
  • Invaluable resources and tools designed to propel your business forward.
  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals and potential collaborators. We believe in the power of our network and experience it firsthand.To activate your free trial, simply click on the following link and use trial code: FREEMARCH 

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