Best Property Networking Events in the West Midlands

What are the best property networking events in the West Midlands?

While we all love to scroll and connect with people with UK Homes Network, there’s nothing like in-person networking, right?

Well, the West Midlands offers ample opportunities to do just that!

The West Midlands region, known for its vibrant property market, offers a host of networking events for property professionals. Whether you’re a developer, solicitor, architect, or investor, these events provide invaluable opportunities to connect, learn, and grow.

So, let’s check out some of the best property networking events in the West Midlands:

M.I.N.G. Midlands Investor Network Group

First up is M.I.N.G., Midlands Investor Network Group, hosted by Mark Burrows and Vicky Chittock.

Explore the endless opportunities with the Midlands Investor Networking Group!

Since 2016, the monthly meet-ups, led by the incredible Mark Burrows & Vicky Chittock, have been all about connecting hearts in the property sphere. Picture this: developers, solicitors, architects, and investors mingling, sharing stories, and igniting new friendships. Every month, this buzzing community of 50–70 enthusiasts soaks up wisdom from amazing guest presenters.

It’s not just networking though; it’s about sharing laughs, insights, and building bonds. The Midlands Investor Networking Group—where the property journey feels like a gathering of friends!

MPC: Thursday Property Club @ Primitivo

Looking for something more chilled? How about MPC: Thursday Property Club at Primitivo, hosted by Sharon Baxter.

The MPC Thursday Property Club at Primitivo offers a more relaxed and informal setting compared to other property networking events in the region. The stylish and up-market venue, located in the city centre, creates a conducive environment for networking and discussions. This event attracts the best property professionals in Birmingham for after-work drinks. The only downside is that it is only held once every couple of months, leaving attendees counting down the days until the next event. 

The Developers Network, Birmingham

Learn a thing or two at the The Developers Network, Birmingham, hosted by Steve Hammond and Shane Traynor

Steve Hammond and Shane Traynor in partnership with White Box Property Solutions, The Developers Network Birmingham aims to be the leading educational and networking event for property developers in Birmingham. These monthly events are designed to deliver education, knowledge, advice, and support while providing unbeatable networking opportunities. Whether you are new to property development and want to learn more or a seasoned developer looking to expand your mind and network, this is the event for you.

Regional Property Meets - Stourbridge

Next up is the Regional Property Meets: Stourbridge, hosted by Kevin Cox.

Regional Property Meets is a collaboration project between 5 Alive Networking and local property entrepreneurs, designed specifically for property professionals. Each meeting consists of open networking between 50+ property professionals, an industry-leading keynote speaker, a incredible buffet, and a well stocked bar. 

Additionally, there’s a raffle with fantastic prizes donated by local businesses, with all proceeds going to a nominated charity. This event provides a comfortable environment for property-specific professionals to meet and network. What more could you ask for?

Property Developer Show

The Property Developer Show stands out as a top property networking event in the West Midlands, dedicated to the British property market. With the UK facing a significant shortfall of 4.3 million homes, this event brings together industry professionals to tackle the housing crisis. Attendees can participate in seminars led by experts on planning, economics, investment strategies, legal issues, market trends, and finance modeling. It’s a great opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, gain valuable insights, and stay updated on the latest in property development. And the best bit – Tickets are FREE!

Progressive Property Network - Worcester

The Progressive Property Network (PPN) Worcester hosted by Sam Bastow, is one of the top property networking events in the West Midlands for property enthusiasts, from beginners to seasoned investors. Meeting monthly, it’s the perfect spot for developers, investors, and traders to connect, find deals, and expand their knowledge. With a lineup of industry professionals and engaging speakers, it provides a friendly environment to share experiences and possibly meet your next JV partner.

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So there you have it: the best hand-picked, tried-and-tested property events in the West Midlands that not only provide a platform for professional growth but also foster a sense of community among property enthusiasts in the West Midlands. Whether you’re looking to learn from industry experts, share insights, or simply make new connections, attending these networking events can significantly impact your property journey. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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