Marketing Advice for SME Property Developers Webinar

The world of property development is constantly evolving, and with it, so are the strategies for marketing new projects. In a recent webinar titled “Marketing Advice for SME Property Developers,” industry experts shared invaluable insights into navigating this dynamic landscape.

Hosted by David Tremlett, the webinar delved into the intricacies of effective marketing strategies for SME property developers. Joined by Andy Meade, a seasoned marketing strategist, the discussion shed light on the evolving nature of property marketing and the pivotal role of digital platforms in reaching potential buyers.

Embracing Change: The Evolution of Property Marketing

Andy Meade, a prominent figure in the property marketing sphere, shared the dramatic shift in marketing strategies over the years. Drawing from his extensive experience, Meade highlighted the transformation from traditional methods to digital platforms like social media.

“In the past, traditional methods such as colour advertising in local property papers were the norm,” remarked Meade. “However, with the advent of social media, the dynamics have changed significantly.”

Leveraging Social Media: A Game-Changer for Property Developers

Meade emphasised the unparalleled impact of social media in reaching and engaging with potential buyers. “Platforms like WhatsApp have emerged as powerful tools for direct communication with customers,” he explained. “Utilising targeted marketing campaigns on social media has become essential for building brand awareness and driving sales.”

He cited success stories where properties were predominantly sold through social media channels, underlining the importance of a robust digital presence in today’s market.

Beyond Traditional Marketing: The Power of Drone Footage

In addition to social media, Meade emphasised the value of innovative marketing techniques, including drone footage. By providing a comprehensive aerial view of developments, drone footage offers potential buyers a unique perspective, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the property.

Drone footage revolutionises the way properties are showcased,” Meade stated. “It goes beyond traditional methods, offering a dynamic visual experience that resonates with buyers.”

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